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Here it is! The new mixtape! East Elite Beast

Track 2: Hip-Hop Is Dead (Feat. Rizzy)

Track 1: Can't Top This

Track 3: Road Of The Greats

Track 4: The Blastoff (Feat.J-M-C)

Track 5: Final Warning Remix (Feat. Cameron Jaynes & Skylar Grey)

Track 6: The Victory

Track 8: Boston Strong (Feat. Nicky D)

Track 7: Journey Through My Mind (Feat. Rizzy)

Track 9: Kill Streak Lyricist

Track 10: Internal Contradictions (Feat. B-Swizz)

Track 11: Don't Doubt It

Track 12: Subliminal

Track 13: East Elite Beast (Feat. Mully)

© 2013 Crazed Legacy Offical 

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